Why You Should Book Martin

Martin Talking
  • The first and strongest reason to book Martin Grunstein is: results. Please look at the "Testimonials" section of this website.

  • Martin brings great experience to your conference. Apart from his background in sales and marketing at Colgate Palmolive and a university degree in marketing, Martin has made over 2,500 paid presentations at business events like yours. He has worked with over 500 companies across over 100 industries, so he will be able to customise his material to the needs of your people. And he will listen to your brief so that you have total control over the content of the presentation.

  • Martin will bring great humour to your conference. He has written comedy professionally, and believes that entertainment is the best form of education. People hate being bored at conferences. People enjoy Martin's presentations because they are light-hearted as well as being relevant. It is not just a barrage of meaningless one-liners. It is a carefully constructed use of humour to help the educational points hit home.

  • Martin is accessible and flexible. His presentation can fit into any part of your conference programme. If requested, Martin will advise you as to where in your specific agenda his presentation will deliver maximum impact. This will vary from event to event. Naturally, he is also happy to fit in to an already established schedule.

  • He will give you his mobile number in case you need to call him any time to discuss anything relevant to your conference.

  • Martin offers twelve months' consulting with every presentation. He will challenge your people to brainstorm their non-price value adds, and email them to him. He will critique each participant's email, and respond to each, helping your people to have a stronger sales and marketing message. He will also provide articles for your newsletter and be accessible if people want his advice on anything to do with sales, marketing or customer service.

  • Basically, Martin will do everything possible to ensure that you achieve the best possible return on your investment.

Martin Grunstein

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