What Clients Say...

"I was expecting brilliant things and you exceeded my expectations. "Making Profits in Changing Times" was a very appropriate topic and I was very pleased, as it was important, that you followed my briefing to the word. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the results of your presentation and I know how extremely worthwhile it was to our delegates."
Steve Sampson, General Manager, Choice Home Loans

"When looking for an energetic and practical sales presenter for our Sales Conference, I was referred to Martin Grunstein from a colleague that had used him the year before. After a couple of initial conversations, we were clear that Martin truly understood the dynamics and intricacies of customer service and the sales environment; so we booked him. In short, we could not have been more delighted with the outcome. Martin’s down to earth and practical delivery cut through to each and every participant in the room, delivering them with a highly energetic series of core messages that were tailored to both our values and our conference theme. The feedback was nothing short of excellent! I would highly recommend Martin Grunstein for anyone looking for a seasoned professional to deliver a powerful message in an entertaining and easily digested format."
Stuart Budge, General Manager, Premium Floors Australia

"You made me reflect, we're doing the best we have ever done, the clients, candidates and team are all happy and we're more profitable than ever. I'm sure that's due to many things but i still also truly believe you were really important in setting a standard as to how we interact with our customers. So thank you again, you've made a difference."
Nikki Beaumont, Beaumont Consulting

"There definitely has been an impact on the business because when we are having conversations about customers and their expectations Vs deliverables, the team that attended our national conference refer back to your session. Its great that we are starting to see the focusing on margin expansion and not purely selling on price."
Brian Cohalan, Managing Director - New Zealand, Johnson Controls

"When I first saw Martin speak I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I had decided to sit in on his breakout session at this particular event however it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only did Martin provide me with some incredibly valuable lessons and takeaways around customer service, points of difference and more, but he also managed to keep me 110% engaged over his two separate keynote's that day. 
When part of your role requires attending almost a new conference every month you can begin to get a little speaker-fatigue, so it was incredibly refreshing to come into contact with a speaker such as Martin who can so easily combine humour, insight, and real business knowledge into something that is genuinely valuable for the masses no matter where they sit in an organisation.
It was for these very reasons I had to see if Martin would be available for our very own Ray White NZ Property Management conference and thankfully he was available and excited to take part in our event. 
Martin spoke to our entire group of New Zealand staff across two 70 minute sessions and has to be one of the best speakers our audience of national Property Managers and business owners have ever had the pleasure of seeing - in fact, in our follow-up survey nearly 70% of attendees rated Martin and his content as either a 9 or 10 out of 10! Since the event, Martin has continued to work with dozens of our franchisees on a one on one basis and the feedback I have received is nothing but positive. 
I would be happy to recommend Martin as a keynote speaker for any organisation where customers are your lifeblood. No matter the industry or the organisational level in which staff may sit, if customers are crucial to your success than in my opinion you need to have Martin present to your staff!"
Zac Snelling, National Property Management Executive, Ray White PM New Zealand

"We had the pleasure of Martin Grunstein presenting to our franchise network as keynote speaker at the New Zealand Home Loans annual conference in Auckland. The feedback we received from the NZHL franchise network on Martin’s presentation has been the most positive that I have ever seen from either the NZHL network or any other company that I've been involved with. Martin's ideas and solutions were not only tailor-made for our organisation but his post-conference feedback to every individual from our network who contacted him for advice went well beyond the service of any speaker I have had involvement with previously. Martin is a genuine value-add speaker whose practical advice and teachings provides a genuine strategy that will have an on-going benefit to our organisation that far exceeds anything we would have benefited from if we had engaged a purely "motivational" speaker."
Julian Travaglia, CEO, New Zealand Home Loans

“We wanted a customer service expert to address our National Franchisee Convention. We had over 1,000 delegates in attendance and we needed to ensure that the message was simple, logical, adaptable to a diverse audience and most importantly, relevant to our business. After many hours of research we settled on Martin Grunstein. Martin immediately took it upon himself to learn about our requirements, our audience and our desired outcomes. He was therefore able to customise his presentation and deliver an outstanding session that had the audience hanging on every word. His passion and expertise on the subject of customer service was demonstrated through his clever use of anecdotes and personal experience as a customer, delivered with great insight and humour that left the audience wanting more. Martin receiving fantastic reviews and was rated clearly the best speaker at the Convention. 
Several months later we launched a new brand strategy that had to be delivered to our internal stakeholders across Australia and New Zealand. This strategy called for increased levels of engagement and customer service across our network. After his performance at the national Convention, Martin was the only choice to headline this roadshow and ensure that our franchises had the tools and motivation to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
Our organisation has seen and hired many speakers and I can say with an high degree of confidence that if you’re looking for an expert that can re-shape the way that your workforce thinks about and delivers customer service at every level, you can do no better than Martin Grunstein.”
Jim Dimas, Director, Franchise Development, Subway Development of NSW & ACT

"I just want to again thank you for your time at our Conference. I have been receiving the feedback forms from the franchisees and the overall comments have been that you were the highlight of the weekend and by far our best speaker we have ever had at our conferences so congratulations on that!"
Rhianne Cameron, Office Manager, Hydrokleen

“I have known Martin since 1995 and have engaged him as both a keynote speaker at large conferences and a workshop facilitator for smaller groups with equal measures of success. Most recently, he conducted a series of 6 workshops across Australia and scored a 9.3 / 10 from participants.
What separates Martin from the majority of his peers is that he genuinely customises his presentation to his audience. He has worked with my independent business owners in Hardware, Garden Centres and most recently Optometry and each time has connected with the audience via industry insights.
Most important of all, Martin stimulates participants to take action rather than just feel temporary motivation. A significant number of my customers have adopted his local marketing suggestions with direct impact on their businesses, and after all is said and done, isn’t that what we want professional speakers to deliver?”
Steven Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, ProVision Eyecare Pty Ltd

"Thank you so much for the 2 presentations you did at our conference in Rotorua.
I have been organising conferences for more than 20 years and I must say that the delegate evaluation scores and comments for your sessions were the highest I have ever seen.
It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with such a consummate professional as your good self.
You really nailed the brief, and your research of our industry to ensure total relevance and maximum ‘take home’ value of your sessions was a delight for me and our delegates.
Bob Walters, Executive Director, Leading Property Managers of New Zealand

"To say a simple “thank you” does not truly represent your entertaining and insightful contribution to our event. It is rare that a local business community gets the chance to enjoy such a combination of wit, enthusiasm and charm which was laced with insightful anecdotes and provided an incredible array of sound business ideas and strategies to understand the purchasing mindset of the consumer.
Learning while laughing is a powerful combination and you clearly hit the mark.
Your presence at the networking function and your personal interaction with the audience was an integral part of the success and was very much appreciated by all who attended.
The feedback from the community has been incredible and far beyond expectation, many having already started to implement your ideas and suggestions, which is clearly a true sign of your success.  
From a personal perspective, it was a total joy to deal with you and I look forward to our next opportunity to work together."
Neil Burgess, Economic Development Coordinator, Glenelg Shire Council

"To whom it may concern, Foodco is a network of three concepts with over 450 locations in 7 countries. We regularly run conferences and operational programs for our franchisees to create a culture of great customer satisfaction. 
I had seen Martin present on a number of occasions over the past 10 years, and have always learnt a lot and been thoroughly entertained by his presentation. When it came to looking at a program for our franchisees in improving Customer Satisfaction, Martin was the first person I thought of. 
Our program began with a key note speech at our Biennial Conference in October 2014. The feedback from the 400+ franchisees in attendance was overwhelming. They loved not only the message he was delivering but the way he was able to communicate in their language. He was by far the most popular key note speaker. 
We have then continued the program with 10 roadshow events across Australia and New Zealand where we invited franchisees and their staff to have an afternoon where they could learn more about how to focus on their customers. Martin was the head line up for this event. He travelled with the Foodco team for 6 weeks, delighting his audiences whenever he spoke. In all, there were over 700 franchisees and staff who participated in the events. The age range was varied from 15 — 70 years of age and Martin's messages translated to all age groups. 
At Foodco we feel as though Martin is part of our team and he will continue to work with us over the next few years in continuing our customer culture. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Martin for any size event you are conducting. He will adapt and modify to your business to make everything he says relevant. He is a pleasure to work with."
Natalie Brennan, National services and Support Manager, Foodco Group

I wanted to say a huge thank you again for your amazing contribution to our conference. People have been raving about your energy, enthusiasm, wit, forwardness and friendliness (words you don’t often see put together)! Many were chuffed to have had the opportunity to chat with you one-on-one as well.
But I especially wanted to say from my point of view how refreshing & easy it has been to work with you. From your response to my very first email to travel arrangements to your amazing presence on & off the stage at the conference, I cannot thank-you enough for making it so easy to do business with you!  At the risk of sounding cliché - You definitely practice what you preach. 
Lauren Orero, Industry Development Officer, SHIPWRECK COAST MARKETING

"We recently had the pleasure of hosting Martin Grunstein as guest speaker at our “Customer Service Excellence Workshop”.
Martin was motivational, brilliant, wise and hilarious!! His ability to inform and entertain an audience adds value to his presentation."
Martin is professional, very obliging and extremely passionate about what he does!!
Tim Miles, Chair, Mackay Chamber of Commerce

"Martin has now presented 2 years running to most of my 100 store network of franchisees.
We have had all types of sales and customer service trainers through our business and not only are they boring, their ability to connect with my franchisees is poor.
Martin’s ability to connect with my franchisees has been incredible and whilst changing customer service culture in a franchised business will never happen overnight, the franchisees at least try to implement the ideas and strategies imparted by Martin.
Personally it is helped me better understand how to help my franchisees and create and provide the tools they need to succeed.
I would highly recommend Martin, especially to businesses that have franchisees or staff who are not naturally gifted at customer service or sales."
Warren Koopmans, CEO Tint-a-Car

"Martin Grunstein presented at the biennial conference of Golf Management Australia. Martin instantly connected with the group of golf club managers. The presentation was straight to the point, entertaining and amazingly informative. Most managers rated Martin's presentation the highlight of the week-long conference. The presentation was not hype but rock-solid proven templates for success in small business. Martin also practises what he preaches; his 'after sales service' is second to none and I understand that most managers at the conference have or will have free follow up consultations with him. There are a significant number of golf club managers who have benefitted greatly from the experiences of an expert who imparted his knowledge simply, realistically, with clear focus and in an entertaining manner. This was a first class presentation any way you look at it. Thank you, Martin."
Gordon Hurford AM, Director and Conference Chairman, GMA Limited

"I would like to thank you personally for for the services you provided my three QUEST APARTMENTS businesses. The impact on my staff and management team has seen a complete attitude and mindset change. This change has also extended to these peoples' lives! I now have a group of people who themselves are solution based and proactive in sales generation and performance. On a personal level I also have grown and now see all that is put in front of me as an opportunity. Thanks again, Martin. You are truly an inspirational speaker/operator".
Will Pulbrook, Franchise owner, Quest Apartments

"Martin has a huge understanding of business issues and marketing fundamentals and he is a great communicator. His delivery is unique - entertaining, witty and full of real life examples that keep you engaged, learning and listening. He was an absolute winner for our conference and was thoroughly enjoyed by all."
Trish Stagg, Banjos Corporation

"Just wanted to send you a message in response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have had from our association members who were fortunate enough to see your presentation at Parramatta last week. As you know, I had been looking forward to the opportunity of having you present to business owners within our association as I felt they would benefit greatly from your experience. Your presentation was as sharp as ever and focused on what the attendees, including myself, needed to hear with everyone present being able to take away ideas that could be implemented immediately to provide a positive impact on their business."
Brad Waugh, CEO, Security Providers Association of Australia Limited

"One of the highlights of the CadCam conference was Mr. Martin Grunstein. He proved to be an outstanding and inspired choice as speaker at the conference dinner. He held our members' attention for a good three quarters of an hour with a speech that was witty, engaging and informative. He spoke of the need for dentists in the private sector to focus on what really worked in internal marketing and professional promotion and he did it in a way that was accessible and fun. Martin was happy to stay around until the end of the evening talking to people and swapping yarns and answering questions. He was the perfect choice for our society. I couldn't recommend him too highly."
Patrick Meaney, Australian Society of Computerised Dentistry

"Martin Grunstein presented to our 100 top business development staff when we were looking to make a behavioural change in our organisation towards longer term mutually beneficial client relationships. In preparation for the talk Martin undertook two detailed briefing sessions to ensure his contribution was relevant. We also gave him pre-permission to give us constructive criticism. In short he was compelling. He was extremely well researched on our company and was 'on message' in his justification of our need to change as an organisation. He was brutal on occasions but it was the type of wake-up call we needed. Positive feedback from our staff has been non-stop for the past two weeks and a number of our business units are taking advantage of his free post conference consulting services. I highly recommend Martin to any future conference. You will get the most from him if you brief him well."
Andrew Wilson, Executive Chairman, Laing O'Rourke Australia

"Martin's passionate, relaxed and, at times, humorous approach to the training allowed staff to absorb important information and be actively involved in the training process. The most impressive part of our involvement with Martin has been the post training support which has exceeded our expectations in every way. In a country where businesses have made an art of 'overpromising and under delivering', Martin personifies the true meaning of service and support. Now, four months after the training and armed with the important skills staff have learned, it seems far more than sheer coincidence that we are currently enjoying our strongest increases in new membership and sales in the past six years!"
Stuart Fraser, CEO, Castle Hill Country Club

"Thank you for presenting at our recent podiatry conference, "Practice made Perfect". Your presentation was both provocative and insightful. I know that our members had much to think about in the way they manage and operate their practices and I see the positive results of that flowing through already. Our delegate survey form showed that you were recognised in the top two of all the presentations given. Thank you and well done. We will be using you for our future events, without hesitation."
Gary Donnison, Executive Officer, Australian Podiatry Association (NSW)

"Martin Grunstein presented at our national conference and I can only say the connection between Martin and the group was, and still is, amazing. The presentation was professional, entertaining and informative. Unlike other presenters that hype a group of people whilst on stage then tend to dissipate over time, Martin's presentation reinvigorated our network and he continued to back his presentation with follow up calls and messages to keep me/us focused. From the time we heard Martin's presentation our company and the network have worked closer as a team, firmly focused on simple changes that were literally in front of our noses. These changes were embraced, refined, marketed and enthusiastically supported by the network."
Grant McGregor, National Retail Manager, Yokohama Tyres Australia Pty Ltd

"A privilege to have you join us. The two days were very successful and your presentation very well received with the appropriate resonance from staff. Delivering aspiration, leadership and motivation without lecturing was our hope and intention. You delivered in great style!"
Peter Rix, Managing Director, George P. Johnson

"I found the presentation from Martin Grunstein both entertaining and extremely beneficial. After seeing a number of key note speakers over the past twenty five years, it was refreshing to witness a presentation that captured the audience's attention while challenging them individually to look at the way they see retail principles and apply them in their day to day business. I have received a number of positive comments from the franchise owners relating to the session with Martin. It was great to hear a number of these franchise owners are going to change the way the do certain things within their business as a result of Martins presentation."
Michael Carr, General Manager, Leading Edge Electronics and Digital

"Training and educating can become dull, mundane and costly for both employer and employee, sometimes with little return for both parties. Martin Grunstein has a superb quality of being able to hold audiences through humour and at the same time educate them using clever tactics that include interactive involvement and a genuine request for feedback and ideas. I would highly recommend Martin for the education of teams that have high energy, success motives plus enjoy a laugh."
Peter Yeoman, National Sales Manager, DeBortoli Wines

"Thanks once again for a great presentation at our Expo, you held the 500+ delegates attention for the entire hour and as usual your message was simple, straightforward and completely relevant to improving our dealers' business, serving their customers for a higher retention ratio of repeat of business and growing their margins. Once again you delivered more than you promised and more than what we expected!"
John Temple, Director and General Manager, Mercury Marine, Aust, NZ and Pacific

"This is just a quick note to thank you so much for the sensational job you did at my last two conferences. We had great feedback from both the attendees and other staff who were present. You walked in and you walked out and none of us will never be the same. I look forward to working with you again- regularly!!"
Jo Mahoney, General Manager, Conferences at Leading Edge Group

"Martin's message was powerful and far from rocket science, he used simple examples of how businesses can increase their profits and retain loyalty from their customers leading to constant repeat business. He demonstrated how we can make ourselves different from the rest; stand out from our competitors without discounting our service. I willingly commend Martin to any seminar or conference without hesitation."
Warren Prince, MFAA NSW/ACT State Councillor and Treasurer

"Martin Grunstein has been a speaker at our National Dealer Conference for two years running. This year Martin closed our conference with a powerful and engaging presentation that left our 400 strong audience wanting more. He was credible and funny whilst he delivered a serious business message to a large group of independent dealer principals. In addition, Martin offers his consulting services as a follow up post conference for those individuals needing help putting the ideas into practice. We were very pleased with him."
Jenny Heid, Group Manager, Telstra Corporation

"Many thanks for your presentation at our annual national conference. You were well received by a team of thick-skinned, hard-bitten sales staff who are often hard to warm to "outsider" presentations. In fact, they were still making mention of various points you made as the conference wore on after you departed. You have greatly helped our effort to have the sales staff leave in a positive manner and look for opportunities in a tough year."
Allen Colburt, General Manager, Gallagher Animal Management Systems

"Delegates rated this year's conference as the 'best ever' and your presentation gave all participants the opportunity to step back and remind themselves that retailing is not complicated, it's how you go about doing business that counts and this in turn enables retailers to remain profitable."
Wayne Burton, Chief Executive, Appliance Connexion

"The response from our customers confirmed that this year's Aluminium Systems Conference was the best to date. In particular, your presentation was mentioned as the most practical and sensible that a guest speaker has delivered. After your presentation one of our customers asked if you were from within our industry as you spoke so confidently and credibly about specific issues that our customers face in their day to day business. The ability to customize and deliver a relevant presentation in your own animated and witty style, I believe, are the keys to your success."
Derek Tidey, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Aluminium Systems Pty Ltd

The main reasons why I highly recommend Martin and would use him again are for his:
- Outstanding sense of humour and use of intelligent wit
- Commitment to clients
- Preparation and research
- Business experiences
- Life experiences
Michael Ference, Sales Manager, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“It is with absolute pleasure that I give this testimonial to Martin Grunstein after he was a keynote speaker at our recent Australasian convention. The feedback I have been receiving from Martin’s presentation is so strong and supportive of his “no nonsense” style and delivery. He kept his audience captivated and took them along on an interesting hour’s presentation done with humour and candid comments. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Martin to anyone considering his presentation whether in a workshop condition or as a keynote presenter.”
Lenore Sieber, RE/MAX Australasia Convention Convenor

"Martin Grunstein is without doubt the best speaker we have ever had at a national conference. he is the ultimate professional. I would recommend him highly to any group looking to inspire their people in the most entertaining way."
Gerard Ryan, CEO, Australian Shop and Officefitters Industry Association

"Your presentations on Customer Service and Value Adding were relevant to the challenges facing our business and struck a chord with staff at all levels. It is refreshing to see a speaker who doesn't take himself too seriously yet conveys a message which hits the mark. Your straightforward delivery style keeps the audience amused and attentive and is thought provoking at the same time."
Craig Black, Dealer Principal, Black Toyota

"With hesitation and a certain amount of scepticism I organised a company focussed sales morning with you. After a brief on who you were motivating and what we needed to improve upon, you delivered a most informative, helpful and entertaining morning which resulted in positive comments from some of our more cynical managers. Well done! Everyone walked away with new ideas. We will do this again."
Helen Davies, Publisher, Yaffa Publishing Group

"It is about twelve months since we first met and discussed our ongoing development programme for our lenders. From this first meeting your involvement and commitment to our cause has always been as part of our team and I have enjoyed working with you. Your professionalism, attention to detail, flexibility and accessibility certainly made you my ‘stress manager’. I knew with confidence there was one aspect of the programme I didn't have to worry about. Martin, I suppose the strongest indicator of your success is the number of our regional teams who have requested you extend your presentations to other job families within their teams. To me this confirms the value you bring to the business."
Keith Moyle, Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

"We are still receiving very positive emails, cards and faxes from our members who attended our Hamilton Island conference earlier this month. It seems your presentation really struck a chord with our members. The time you spent researching our industry and the critical issues confronting our members certainly contributed to the success of both your presentation and our conference programme."
Colin Pocklington, Managing Director, Nationwide Jewellers

"Martin provides a realistic, witty and sometimes confronting commentary on the value of providing great customer service. No fluffy motivational waffle, just practical information on how to provide value added service to blow your clients away and create further listings. He will challenge even the most experienced and ego driven sales expert in your team, a worthwhile investment."
Jaclyn Knight, National Franchise Services, PRD Nationwide

"Having organised many conferences and speakers for both the First National Real Estate Group and other organisations, I know one of the most important pieces of the pie are speakers. You came highly recommended and proved perfect for both the time (first speaker of the day) and the mixed audience (delegates and partners). The message I am receiving from all over New Zealand is that your address stretched the boundaries, distorted the square, questioned the rules and, above all, gave solutions to the challenges presented."
Colin Wilson, Chairman, First National Real Estate Group, New Zealand

"Martin Grunstein has been a presenter at the last two annual conferences of the Queensland division of the Australian Institute of Credit Union Management Limited. Martin has rated highly with 96% of attendees rating his presentations as "very good to excellent". He has the ability to get his message across to all levels of management, with attendees indicating that his presentation is relevant, vibrant, entertaining, thought provoking and passionate. His enthusiasm, energy and sense of humour is never lost on his audience. I can strongly recommend Martin as one of the great presenters of this decade."
Lloyd F Hawkins OAM, Events coordinator, AICUM Queensland

"Martin Grunstein addressed our National Dealer Conference. Our conference was an outstanding success and Martin's session was rated the highest out of all conference sessions. Our industry is characterised by increased competition, downward price pressure and shrinking margins and this formed part of our brief to Martin. He provided practical, hands-on and take away value that our Dealers raved about. Plus many have contacted Martin since the conference to get his assistance with their customer communications, a service Martin offered as part of his fee. Martin is an outstanding conference speaker."
Philip Hayes, General Manager - Business Sales, Telstra Business Systems

"A HUGE thank you for presenting at our annual conference. What can we say? We have a tough crowd and had them in awe. You inspired, motivated, and made them laugh, well worth every cent. Thank you also for taking such an interest in our business prior to the event ensuring your presentation was not only everything mentioned above, but was highly relevant to the audience. If all keynote speakers were like you, running a conference would be a breeze."
Michele Harding, National Operations Manager, Fitness First Australia

"Just a short note to express our satisfaction and appreciation for the outstanding work you have done with the members of PLAN and our own sales team. Your sessions at our member conferences were rated as the number one session by the majority of participants and the high number of follow up emails you had is testament to the impact you had. We asked for a thought provoking and challenging session and that is what you delivered. The subsequent sessions at our Professional Development Days were a perfect extension of the conference sessions for those that attended the conferences and, for those that had not seen you before, stimulating stand alone sessions in their own right. At an organisational level, I also know that my sales team benefited from the workshop we held, focusing on our value proposition and marketing message."
Ray Hair, General Manager, PLAN Australia

"Following our conversations and your address to the Elders WA Real Estate conference at our annual conference in July last year, I am pleased to report back to you the results of our campaign. After nine months our average earning rate is up 0.5%. When one considers that the average commission rate is approximately 2.5%, an increase of half a percentage point is most significant. An added benefit of the higher earning rate achieved is that in some areas it is difficult for us to increase our market share, but by incorporating your recommendations we have still been able to increase our bottom line profitability for both the company and the staff. In summary, we attribute this very rewarding outcome specifically to your recommendations at our annual conference as this was the catalyst for us to become the most professional and dominant Rural Agent in Western Australia."
Ray Armstrong, Business Development Manager, Elders, WA

"The delivery of your presentation and your obvious understanding of our industry impressed all those in attendance and is a testament to your preparation, knowledge and ability to get the message across. All of the above however, would not have been as impressive if not for the humour and commonsense approach with which you imparted the information. Thanks for making our conference such an outstanding success."
Graeme Haney, General Manager, Mortgage Wisdom

"Your presentation at our annual dinner to clients and the workshop with staff have received some great feedback, in particular the client who was just about submit a proposal for work and amended the proposal document based on the insights you had given him that evening. He got the job."
Greg Lourey, Managing Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers, Newcastle

"What intrigues me is that this is the third of your sessions I have attended, all with people selling steel to the same markets, and we still come up with new value add opportunities to put to our customers. I wonder if the list will ever be completed?"
Alan Dean, Manager, OneSteel George Ward Sheet and Coil

"We had nothing but praise for your presentation and considered it one of the best we have ever had in terms relevance to the topic. Your input was thought-provoking and extremely well presented. The humour was appropriate to the audience and appreciated. I personally would not hesitate to recommend you to others and have indeed already done so."
Caroline Strachan, Executive Officer, The Association of Consulting Engineers NZ

"To say there has been a great response to your presentation is an understatement. The post conference reviews rated you no less than 10 out of 10 in all categories. Post conference we experienced a 26% increase in sales in the immediate month that followed and this trend has held with sales showing a steady increase each month."
Troy Cartwright, National Marketing Manager, Poolwerx

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